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Matthew | Founder

Aspen Wedding Venues | www.aspenweddingvenues.com

Matthew co-founded Muse Internet Solutions in 2009 and has helped individuals and businesses alike in creating professional and effective websites. He lives in Colorado and enjoys hiking, skiing and creating beautiful cost-effective websites.

Michael | Web Designer

Aspen Wedding Venues | www.aspenweddingvenues.com

Michael is our Chief Web Designer at Muse Internet Solutions. Experience includes Custom Website Design (primarily for small businesses and professionals), WordPress Website Design, HTML as well as MySQL Database Management.

Thomas | Design & Logos

Aspen Wedding Venues | www.aspenweddingvenues.com

Thomas is our Design and Logo Specialist here at Muse Internet Solutions. He utilizes Adobe Photoshop, Apple iWork and several other software programs to create dynamic, unique and effective branding for our web design clients.

Jennifer | SEO & PPC

Aspen Wedding Venues | www.aspenweddingvenues.com

Jennifer is our SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising Specialist at Muse Internet Solutions. She assists clients in achieving maximum search efficiency through search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, Bing and AOL.

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